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Meet our foster carers

November 2, 2014

Foster Carers

What does a foster carer look like? What skills and qualities do foster carers need?

This year we launched our guesswhofosters quiz during Foster Care Fortnight to help dispel some of the myths around who can and can’t foster.  We would also love to introduce to some of our fantastic foster carers so you can see for yourself, that just like a good box of chocolates, they are all very different!

Bob, 62, is a HGV driver/drayman and Jackie, 57, owned a fashion shop before becoming a full time foster carer. Jackie and Bob have been fostering since 2007. They transferred from a private fostering agency to Warrington Fostering Service in 2012.

Phyllis, 72 & Brian, 73 are full time foster carers for teenagers.  Here they tell their fostering story:

Sandra, 53 (with her two lurcher dogs!), is a full time foster carer who has been fostering since 2013.

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Craig, 38 is a part time tutor and worked as a teacher before reducing his hours to concentrate on fostering teenagers. Craig has been fostering for Warrington for 8 years.


Collette, 55 and Adele, 41  have been together for almost 18 years and have been fostering for 10 of those years:

Collette and Adele

“We started fostering in 2005 as friends and family foster carers.  We had never even thought about fostering before that time.  We saw how as a family we could offer the support, security and the normality of family life and how we could make a difference.

So now 10 years later we have had the greatest of pleasure looking after 15 great children all of which have a special place in our memories.

We have had children from 0 to 10 years old and who have stayed from 3 days to our most recent placement, a 10 year old boy who has been with us for 3 years now.  We are now matched as long term foster carers for him which means he will be with us until he is an adult.  He was 7 when he came to live with us and was a scared, angry and confused boy. With our and our families support, he is now a more confident, happy boy who is very much part of our family.

He has a great relationship with Adele’s son who also still lives at home and calls him his big brother.  Adele’s son is very much part of fostering as he was only 10 years old when we started.  He has been a big brother to all children placed with us and a role model for some, we are very proud of him and fostering has had a positive impact on him.  Fostering is very much a family role, it’s not just us!

We feel that fostering is a great achievement of ours – to be able to give a child a loving, secure family home with the normality which every child deserves.

The hardest thing about fostering is when a child moves on.  Obviously it’s upsetting but knowing you have given a child the loving, stability they have needed is rewarding. Most of the children we have looked after have chosen to keep in touch with us which is great as we still get to see them when possible from time to time.

We would advise anyone who is thinking about fostering to go for it.  It’s the best and most rewarding thing we have done and still enjoy doing”.

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