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Could you foster a teenager?

February 26, 2014

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WANTED: Foster Carers for Teenagers (sense of humour essential!)

41% of children in care in Warrington are aged between 13-18 years old.    However, due to many children’s early life experiences, children in care are often younger in their behaviours than their chronological age.

In Warrington, we urgently need more foster carers for older children (aged 6 to 12) and teenagers.  Everyone knows that childhood and teenage years can be difficult. We can all remember feeling insecure and “misunderstood”. But for a young person who has endured particularly distressing experiences at home, had to leave their family, their home and enter care, can you imagine how they may be feeling?  The challenges they may present in their behaviour often hide feelings of anxiety, insecurity and fear.

Teenagers are often perceived as more ‘difficult’ to cope with but can also be the most rewarding to care for.  Our foster carers tell us that the satisfaction of steering teenagers down the right path to becoming confident young adults is the best reward fostering can offer.

Foster carers of teenagers need to be tolerant, patient and flexible but also able to lay down clear boundaries.   Young people need someone who is able to listen and help make sense of what is happening to them in their life. You will need to be able to help with the practical things in life, as well as the emotional.

Children also want to have a bit of fun so a sense of humour is essential! 

Many children in care are not looking for a substitute family – they just need help, support and warmth a secure home life can offer.

Due to our urgent need for foster carers for teenagers, we are currently unable to accept any additional enquiries from prospective carers interested in fostering younger children aged 0 to 7 years as we have sufficient applicants waiting to meet our current requirements.  This situation will be reviewed in July 2014.

We like to be honest and upfront with all our enquirers to allow you to make an informed decision about your enquiry.

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